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Here you can find useful tutorials, tips and guides to build a good website.

WordPress Themes

Pick a premium WordPress theme and modify it to your specifications.

Mobile Website Design

I can make your website automatically adjust to look great on mobile devices.

Design To Website

We build your custom design to high quality, cross-browser compatible websites


I build websites using WordPress. Why? Because WordPress provides a solid development environment coupled with a customer friendly user experience.

WordPress offers a complete separation between style and content. In layman’s terms this means editing your website is as easy as editing a Word document. As a result your website does not just look great, but is easy to maintain. That means you retain the ability to completely redesign your site at any time without having to take it offline or embark on a lengthy “under construction” process.


WordPress Using Genesis Theme Framework

A theme framework is a tool that serves as a foundation for your projects. Instead of re-inventing a theme from scratch for each project, a theme framework let’s you customize the like the look and feel of your website, while maintaining a clean, secure and well-built website. I use WordPress and the Genesis Framework for the following reasons and the most important is Security because it’s the only theme framework that has been security audited by Mark Jaquith, a recognized security expert and one of the core developers of WordPress.

Regular Updates

Updates are continuously being released for WordPress and Genesis. So your website will always be up-to-date and secure.

Highly Customizable & Flexible

he Genesis Framework was built with developers in mind. A design can be done quickly and efficiently.


Since all the sites I build use the same Genesis code framework, I can leverage everything I’ve done for past clients on your project.


The code has been optimized for search engines and provide detailed control of your SEO settings.

WordPress PHP

Premium WordPress Theme

You can pick from a wide variety of pre-built StudioPress premium themes and provide me a list of modifications you would like. This saves you from having to hire a web designer, and it is a good option if you know exactly what you want. WordPress is a highly extensible CMS (Content Managed System) and there really is very little it cannot do. I will do a manual installation with enhanced security features to further protect your site.

Design/Convert to WordPress theme

If you have an idea for a website or you have a completed design we have the coding skills to take your draft, whether it be a Photoshop PSD, an Illustrator file, a JPEG, and make it into a full fledged and fully featured custom WordPress theme on the Genesis Framework.

We make every effort to match the theme to your exact specifications and ensure that the output is 100% standards based and has full cross-browser compatibility. I can also help you find a designer to create one and we’ll tell you if WordPress is the way to go.


Mobile Responsive Design

I can make your site (new or existing) automatically resize on smaller screens, ideally matching the size and shape of the screen you’re viewing it on, making it ideal for mobile websites. Resize your browser on my website to see it in action. The feasibility and cost depends entirely on your design. To see how your site looks on all devices, go here.

Optimize Your Website

My websites are Built For Speed. Google has found that faster sites make for a better user experience and is now penalizing slow websites. Our WordPress themes are optimized to load as fast as possible with minimal plugins. This is especially important if you use a shared-host (your site is on a server with other web sites). The faster your page load times the happier your clients. Go here to see if your website has a rating over 80.

WordPress Hosting

My favorite affordable host is Hostgator. Their servers are fast and they have 24/7 phone support in case anything goes wrong. If you have a high traffic site and are concerned about using a shared host, I can recommend a VPS or dedicated host for you.

WordPress Tips

Latest News

WordPress can be used in many different ways. It is open to endless possibilities. Our site is more of a business resource website, and we are running it on WordPress but we like to share some posts about coding tips and tutorials.

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