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Future of Portsmouth WordPress Web Design

The Future is BRIGHT for WordPress It is built on the scripting language hypertext pre-processor (PHP) and the database language MySQL that helps in collaboration of scripting and automated data storage. The popularity of WordPress has grown over the years because of its simplicity in learning and use. This simplicity is stimulated by the use…
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The Benefits Of WordPress Multisite

A relatively new feature in WordPress is the ‘Multisite’ configuration. It allows you to have multiple individual websites within one installation and one database, which we call a ‘Network.’ Enabling Multisite allows the management of multiple sites (called Multisite) from one WordPress installation. Each site functions as an independent website/blog, so you can have *drastically*…
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Add Content To Help Tab In WordPress

A very useful feature on the Adminstrative Panels is the Help Tab. It is located on the right side of the page just above the ‘Publish’ metabox. If you need to add some content to help the user ( Set the Featured Image in a Post as an example) we can use the add_meta_box function…
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