Future of Portsmouth WordPress Web Design

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Future of Portsmouth WordPress Web Design

The Future is BRIGHT for WordPress

It is built on the scripting language hypertext pre-processor (PHP) and the database language MySQL that helps in collaboration of scripting and automated data storage. The popularity of WordPress has grown over the years because of its simplicity in learning and use. This simplicity is stimulated by the use of themes, plugins and widgets that save the developers a lot of time is used in coding a web application from scratch and having to integrate it with other components like the database. The recent evolution of WordPress and its adoption as a web development tool means that the future is bright:


This is the latest addition to WordPress libraries. The two distributions of Gutenberg, Gutenberg GitHub Repo (allows developers to add to their development library, reports issues that arise with development using specified requests and improve on application documentation) and Gutenberg WordPress Plugin (promotes the project testing phase), are to make WordPress more flexible and easy to use.

The themes that have been used with WordPress have offered quite a challenge to developers over the years because of bulkiness. Gutenberg redefines that by making themes only styles that alter the cores of Gutenberg. It also offers more flexibility with plugins by improving on their already existing functionalities. This means that there is increased quality of the front-end part of the WordPress applications.

Control Panel User Interface

The Calypso interface has completely changes the interface on the control panel. It has improved on the appearance of the panel by making it more beautiful and improved functionality by banking on central management of self-hosted sites. The only things that are required is WordPress activation which is an easy procedure and then Jetpack activation.

Transformation of WordPress to an Application Framework

The Rest API allows the storage, sharing and retrieval of data from WordPress with less regard to the applications that handle the data. This means that WordPress will now be able to interact with all the other web applications that are available in the market. Mobile applications can now be easily built using WordPress just like the websites and blogs now are. The already built applications that are meant for iPhone and also android can easily be hosted and operated on WordPress without having to change anything.


The Rest API again comes to play in this instance. It allows for the back-end of WordPress applications to be built using more powerful languages that offer more flexibility and functionality in the process. This means that the breed of WordPress applications that will come up will be stronger and more reliable. The setback with Rest API is that the users must have good knowledge and application of JavaScript although WordPress would still run on hypertext pre-processor (PHP).

Increased usability

Improved simplicity and functionality of WordPress means that more and more people will adopt it as a reliable tool for web design. More people will mean that there will be more users and developers of WordPress application. More users and developers lead to more requests being made over time and the contributors now have a greater task to remain relevant in development using WordPress. Increased number of people on the application development using WordPress means more collaboration in its improvement and also in improvement of the application that are developed by the framework. It popularity so far has been contributed to by the availability of this CMS.

To summarise, the future for website design using WordPress is bright, especially when there are so many great Portsmouth web designers around.