How to Unregister Genesis Site Layout Options

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Many developers would like to create child themes to target specific site layouts. In doing so, it might be difficult to accommodate all of the six (6) default Genesis site layouts, so we have created a way for you to unregister them. In addition, a lot of developers would prefer to remove layout options on client sites which are not used so the client does not accidentally change them.

If you want to register a new default site layout, add the code below to your child’s theme functions.php file:

Note – if you choose to remove the Genesis default layout option, which is Content/Sidebar, you will need to register a new default layout first.

If you would like to register a specific site layout from displaying on the Genesis > Theme Settings page, add the code below to your child theme’s functions.php file.

The above code would result in a ‘full-width-content’ being the default layout in Genesis > Theme Settings page.